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R.I.P Gracie

We lost our lovely girl, Gracie las month. She was 13 years old and wasn’t very well at all for the last few days. She hadn’t eaten anything for 4 days, had lost a lot of weight and could barely stand. She was also nearly blind and nearly deaf. Every time we tried to giveContinue reading “R.I.P Gracie”

Llandudno North Wales

In Llandudno, North Wales there are several sculptures from the book written by Lewis Carroll scattered around the town. The reason for this is because the child that inspired Lewis Carroll the write the books used to live somewhere in Llandudno for a time and he visited the place also. This seat was carved fromContinue reading “Llandudno North Wales”

For many years I have had a bucket list but have never really done anything about it since then. So this year I decided to do something about it. One of my bucket list items was to take a photo every day for a year and this year my challenge began. So I thought I would do a blog to go along with it. So here it is.

I started my challenge on the 1st of January 2020 and so far I have taken that photo every day. Most are just snaps, which are not that good. But when I get the chance I will go out into the world and take better photo’s. The better ones will come. In time.

My blog will be about many things, one of them being food, another being where I’ve been and where I’m going. To many places hopefully. I will try to update this page as often as I can but if I miss a few days, don’t worry. A new post will appear eventually.

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