Llandudno North Wales

In Llandudno, North Wales there are several sculptures from the book written by Lewis Carroll scattered around the town. The reason for this is because the child that inspired Lewis Carroll the write the books used to live somewhere in Llandudno for a time and he visited the place also.

The Queen’s Throne

This seat was carved from a single piece of wood, which is the throne of the Queen of Hearts I believe, fronted by several toadstools. It is situated in Happy Valley close to the pier. In the background the cable car can be seen, which is the longest cable car in Europe, just over a mile long. It will take you close to the top of the Great Orme.

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb

These two sculptures are situated in Haulfre Gardens and stand over six feet tall. They are just a few meters from the tea rooms, which do a wonderful Lemon Drizzle cake, which can be eaten outside when the sun is shining, if you don’t mind being visited by a friendly Robin or two asking for a few crumbs.

Haulfre Tea Rooms

The tea rooms have changed hands a few times over the years but that hasn’t stopped the food from being just as good as ever. They also have a cottage to rent in the summer for self catering holidays. The views from the garden have got to be one of the best. And if you are feeling energetic after some of that Lemon Drizzle cake, then just follow the path to Invalid’s Walk, which leads you to the West Shore.

West Shore

Llandudno’s West Shore is quiet and serene. Not so many people come to this part of Llandudno, where on a clear day the mountains of Snowdonia National Park can be seen. Sometimes a little snow remains on the peaks, even in summer.

Close by is the start of the 5-mile walk around the Great Orme, if you’re feeling energetic enough. I have done it a few times and I’m sure I will be doing it again sometime.

Round The Orme

The start of the walk round the Orme is up hill, if you wish to do it this way round, from the West Shore and past Millionaires Row. But once at the top it is all down hill from there. Some people even jog around the Orme. Not for me thank you. Walking is the best way to do this as you can see all manner of wildlife from birds to Seals and Dolphins, if you are lucky. I’ve seen the Seals but no Dolphins yet. I have seen the Kashmir Goats on occasion though.

Kashmir Goats

These goats tend to wander wherever they feel, sometimes even wandering around the town when the weather gets bad. Or when there is a virus happening and the streets are empty, as have been happening just lately. They are completely wild and have been wandering around Llandudno for a long time after they were gifted to the town over a hundred years ago.


Just a few miles away from Llandudno is the town of Conwy, named after the castle that had stood there for several hundred years. Many a time I have walked there from Llandudno and bused it back. It is a lovely coastal town with a small harbor and a wall almost round the whole place.

Conwy Harbor

The harbor at Conwy is a lovely site to see, with the end of the wall round the town just to the left of the photo. Just to the left, out of sight in this photo, is the smallest house in Britain, a big tourist attraction.

The Smallest House In Britain

This house is so small that only a couple of people can fit in it at once. I have never entered this place yet, so don’t know what it looks like. It is also know as the Quay House, which was created in the 16th century and remained in use until 1900 when the final tenant was forced to leave by order of the council. In terms of space, the little home only measures 10 feet deep and not even 6 feet wide. The ceiling is only a little over 10 feet high from the floor to the top of the eave. It is split into two floors. The first floor is devoted to the living area with room for coal and an open fire, and a water tap tucked behind the stairs. The upstairs holds the cramped bedroom, which also comes with a small niche for storage.

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