R.I.P Gracie


We lost our lovely girl, Gracie las month. She was 13 years old and wasn’t very well at all for the last few days. She hadn’t eaten anything for 4 days, had lost a lot of weight and could barely stand. She was also nearly blind and nearly deaf.

Every time we tried to give her some food she would spit it out. Although she was still drinking water. She was having accidents in the house and when we could get her out it was for just a few minutes, then in she would come and back to sleep behind the sofa she would go. We miss her greatly. Our other Westie, Millie, is missing her also. Gracie has been around for most of Millie’s life so she is feeling it too. It seems so strange with only one dog now, but we won’t be getting another. Not just yet, anyway.

Gracie was cremated and I have a little of her ashes in a cremation pendant. She will alwsys be with me.

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