Our Greenhouse

Just about the middle of May of this year we bought our first greenhouse. However, since the base wasn’t complete yet it was put up for a week or two. But when it was finally installed on the brick base we began to fill it with plants. And we couldn’t forget the chair. Got toContinue reading “Our Greenhouse”

Our New Greenhouse

We have just bought a new greenhouse and it arrived a few weeks ago. The base was prepared, if not finished, and then erected. We had already started to grow some plants for the greenhouse and some was given to us. So, in they went, even though the floor isn’t completed yet. But it worksContinue reading “Our New Greenhouse”

First Snow & Walkies At Red River

We had our first snow this week after Storm Ciara at the weekend. It didn’t last long thankfully. I’m not a big fan of snow. I much prefer the summer. By the next day it was all gone. When winter comes around I tend to stay indoors a lot. I wish I lived somewhere warmerContinue reading “First Snow & Walkies At Red River”

Our Millie & Ticket To EM Con

Another photo of our Millie. She loves to sit under the fire, which isn’t real but does blow warm air, which she loves to sit under. When our other Westie sits under the fire Millie will stare at her to get her to move. Excuse the carpet. There used to a brick fire so whenContinue reading “Our Millie & Ticket To EM Con”

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