Our New Greenhouse

The Seat

We have just bought a new greenhouse and it arrived a few weeks ago. The base was prepared, if not finished, and then erected. We had already started to grow some plants for the greenhouse and some was given to us. So, in they went, even though the floor isn’t completed yet. But it works for now. There was just a small space left and what to put in that space. A chair for somewhere to sit. Fits perfectly. Got to have somewhere to sit.

Millie Relaxing

Then as we were transplanting some tomatoes in the greenhouse, our dog, Millie decided to join us. It was a little wet and windy outside in the garden. But in the greenhouse it was lovely and warm. So, she settled down and enjoyed the space. Where the tomatoes are in this photo we are going to make a small raised bed eventually for the tomatoes to grow in. And maybe other plants too.

Enjoying the sun

It began to get quite warm at one point. But would Millie move? No. She was enjoying the heat too much. It took her a moment to work out how to get in the greenhouse the first time as there is a bit of a step to get over until the inside is raised up a bit. But once she had accomplished it she found it quite easy. I think we will have a visitor in the greenhouse whenever the door is open now.

Red Tulip
Yellow Tulip

The last two Tulips left in our garden. Thought I would get a photo of them before they disappeared until next year.

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