The Girls

A Collection

I know I haven’t updated this in a while but with all this Covid-19 around I haven’t been able to take too many good photo’s. But now that we are able to get out more I am hoping to be able to take more photo’s. This is a collection of photo’s of my two dogs from when we went on a walk, apart from two that are from my garden. I love my dogs very much and they can be quite comical at times. They love their walks, even though one of them is getting old and is not so fast a walker anymore. But she tries.

Gracie Resting

This is Gracie, our 12 year old Westie, resting in our other dog’s bed. They do tend to keep changing beds at times and our younger Westie, when she wants the bed that Gracie is sitting in she will sit and stare at her until Gracie moves out the way. Sometimes she will even give her a slight growl to make her move and most of the time Gracie will move for her rather than cause any trouble.

Gracie Watching

This is Gracie watching a bird fly over in the sky, enjoying the warm spring day. She had just had her coat trimmed and it shows up some of the skin condition that is troubling her at the moment. We have to keep taking her collar off to make it more comfortable for her. It make her scratch some of the time and we have to keep bathing her in some shampoo that we got from the vet. It helps a little sometimes.


This is Millie taking a nap in the sun on our veg patch in the garden. For some reason she loves to lay there and go to sleep. Luckily, she picks a place where nothing is growing on it at the moment. The plants are a few feet away from this spot. We was hoping to plant something there but since she insists on sleeping there in the sun it makes its difficult. Luckily we now have a greenhouse so things can be planted there instead.

My Old School Photo

I found this a little while ago that I had forgot about. I had lost my original of this photo (I think my dad threw it away because photo’s didn’t mean anything to him), so I found this one on a school group that I joined on Facebook so I was able to get a copy of it. The teacher was Miss Guy, my favourite at Whitegate Junior School in Nottingham in the 1970’s. What memories.

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