Walks with the Dogs

Bridge Across The Stream

Since this Covid-19 has been around I haven’t been able to get out that much to take the photo’s that I would live to take. So, only been able to take short walks with my two Westies to a local nature reserve which is just a short walk away. This was taken at the end of the walk that crosses a small street that for some strange reason is called Red River. It has never been a river, just a stream that at certain times of the year can almost run dry.

Having A Roll

Our Gracie enjoying a roll in the grass. She does this for the love of and not always to roll in something. We can’t let her off her lead as she sometimes doesn’t come back when called, mostly because she is almost deaf. It’s on a sports field that leads off the nature reserve that at the moment isn’t being used because of the lockdown.

Following The Path

Gracie and Millie following the path along the nature reserve in an area we haven’t been round for a while. They wanted a longer walk today and enjoyed the extra time outside, other than in the garden.

Enjoying the Sun

Millie and Gracie sitting on the bench in the sun. They do like sitting outside as much as they can. Although Gracie will move to the shade when she gets too hot. Millie will just sit there and pant. She will move eventually but finds the seat far too comfortable.

Stone Painting

Some of the stones I painted to be hidden around the area this week. I painted them with 3d paint that is made for tee shirts but works well on stones also. When this photo was taken they still needed varnishing. Several have now been hidden. Will be making some more soon.

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