From Our Holiday

St Michael’s Mount

Because of Covid-19 I haven’t been able to get out for a while now so, not been able to take any interesting photo’s. So I thought I would post a few photo’s from our holiday in Cornwall last year. We had a few day down there and we went everywhere and took lots of photo’s. We had a great time. This one is of St Michael’s Mount, a small island just off the coast. A lovely place. When the tide is out you can walk out to it over a path. This time the tide was in so we had to take a boat out to it.

St Michael’s Mount

This photo was taken actually on St Michael’s Mount, right by the harbor. It’s a very small island that only has one rather large house but plenty of visitors. Free to explore the island but you have to pay an entrance fee to see the house.

St Michael’s Mount – The Path

This is the pathway that leads up to the island, still partly covered by the sea. The path to the right is where it leads to the boats that take you over to the island. Such a beautiful place.

St Michael’s Mount Harbor

Another from the island harbor with the other half in the distance.

Map Of the Island

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