Llandudno North Wales

In Llandudno, North Wales there are several sculptures from the book written by Lewis Carroll scattered around the town. The reason for this is because the child that inspired Lewis Carroll the write the books used to live somewhere in Llandudno for a time and he visited the place also. This seat was carved fromContinue reading “Llandudno North Wales”

Our Greenhouse

Just about the middle of May of this year we bought our first greenhouse. However, since the base wasn’t complete yet it was put up for a week or two. But when it was finally installed on the brick base we began to fill it with plants. And we couldn’t forget the chair. Got toContinue reading “Our Greenhouse”

Our New Greenhouse

We have just bought a new greenhouse and it arrived a few weeks ago. The base was prepared, if not finished, and then erected. We had already started to grow some plants for the greenhouse and some was given to us. So, in they went, even though the floor isn’t completed yet. But it worksContinue reading “Our New Greenhouse”

Our Stay In Llandudno

Our stay at Sunnycroft Private Hotel was lovely as always. We have been to this place lots of times and wouldn’t dream of staying anywhere else. The new couple who took over this hotel a few months ago are lovely people and have come all the way from South Africa. Their accent is great. JustContinue reading “Our Stay In Llandudno”

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