Windy Llandudno

Little Orme

Our holiday in Llandudno began with a lovely drive from home. Plenty of sun a a little wind. We knew that there was Storm Jorge come, hitting Wales first. This was one of the first sights we saw when we arrived at Llandudno. The Little Orme. Always a great sight to see.

The sorm came later that night with very high winds and heavy rain, too high to risk going out to the pub so we stayed in our hotel, Sunnycroft private hotel that night. Such a lovely place to stay.

Llandudno Prom

The following morning we went for a stroll, most of the storm had now passed. After some shopping, as one does, we had a stroll along the prom, braving the windy conditions.

Llandudno Pier

And we had to do the pier. It’s just one of the things we always do when we come here. One of the many things we always do.

View Along The Pier

Walking along the pier, which is one of the UK’s longest, can be quite windy, especially when its the tail end of a very strong storm.

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