Our Stay In Llandudno

Sunnycroft Lounge

Our stay at Sunnycroft Private Hotel was lovely as always. We have been to this place lots of times and wouldn’t dream of staying anywhere else. The new couple who took over this hotel a few months ago are lovely people and have come all the way from South Africa. Their accent is great. Just love listening to them talk.

What a View

This was the view from our room on the top floor. Forget about the sight of the roof, look beyond. It’s a lovely room and such a wonderful view.

Bank Of Conwy

This is the Bank of Conwy, a small pub in the coastal town of Conwy in North Wales, which used to be a bank. They have kept a lot of the features of the bank so you know what it used to be. Such a great place. They have a few beer, not many but enough to find something good to drink. They do some food, not big meals but enough to fill you up.

The Bar

They also have quite a few gins and whiskey’s. You just don’t know where to look next. They have also turned the vault into a seating area which is just down a few steps. And as for the Ceiling…

The Ceiling

This must have taken someone a long time to paint that on the ceiling. If it’s paint. Not sure. It’s still pretty cool. I think you can guess where the idea came from for the ceiling.

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