Macro Photo’s


I have been doing a bit of experiments with a new device I bought for my phone. It’s a microscope that plugs into my phone or computer. So I thought I would upload a few photo’s of my results. Photo No. 1 is of a cactus. We have a few of these littered around the house.


This one is of a leaf from a plant growing in our garden, a climber that has pretty much taken over our garage on the outside.


This one is a close up of a piece of broccoli, just one tiny piece that came away from the main part. Looks so different close up like this.

Yucca Leaf

Now this one is of a Yucca leaf. You can see some of the tiny hairs on the surface. It took a few tries to get this one right because the leaf kept moving and I didn’t want to cut a piece off the plant just to take a photo of it. More to follow in the future when I get the hang of it.

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