Our Greenhouse


Just about the middle of May of this year we bought our first greenhouse. However, since the base wasn’t complete yet it was put up for a week or two. But when it was finally installed on the brick base we began to fill it with plants. And we couldn’t forget the chair. Got to have somewhere to sit and watch the plants grow. And the dog likes it too.

Millie Enjoying The Sun

Now, this photo is a couple of weeks later and the tomatoes are getting quite big as we planted them before the greenhouse was even ready. That is just some of the tomato plants that we have. I think we have around 15 tomato plants, 2 pumpkins, 5 cucumber, some yellow carrots, some beetroots, not forgetting the Venus Flytraps, lettuce, onions (3 kinds), parsnips and cauliflower, some of which are actually outside the greenhouse.

Gracie Likes The Greenhouse Also

Our other Westie enjoys sitting in the greenhouse also. Now the path is complete and gravel on either side, which we water so the humidity is higher and keeps the place damp during the night, its easier to keep the plants healthy. It can get quite warm in there at times. Could even use it as a sauna at times.

Grapes Appearing

Even our first grapes are starting to appear. We bought this grapevine a few years ago and it was kept in a pot outside the shed. Now it’s been replanted in the greenhouse and the grapes have started to grow. There were a few grapes last year but they didn’t develop too well. Hoping they grow big enough to eat this year.

Beer Time

Who can resist a beer while sitting down in the greenhouse? A nice place to be admiring the plants and watching them grow. Its filling up nicely. And keeping the door closed makes it feel quite cosy.

The First Tomatoes

The first tomatoes have started to appear now, all this in just over a month. Most of the tomato plants have now got flowers, and some have fruit. The flowers have started to appear on the pumpkins and cucumbers as well. Things are moving along nicely now.

One Of Three Strawberries

There are also three strawberry plants, two of which have flowers on them. Even though they are quite small plants. Don’t think there will be too many strawberries on this plant though.


Not the best photo, but this cauliflower is still quite small. Smaller than a golf ball at the moment. We have several of this vegetables growing, all around the same size. Still a long way to go before we can pick them.


And finally, the onions. Which seem to have gone a bit made with the shoots. These ones were grown from sets. But we have several others grown from seed and are looking a bit better than these at the moment, if a lot smaller. Along with the leeks, all of which are growing outside the greenhouse. Just wondering what to grow in the greenhouse over the winter now. Got to get the thinking caps on. And do some more research.

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